Grunewald Lodge

Grunewald Lodge was originally built as a simple hunting lodge in Reikwald Forest by the ancestors of the von Bruner family, more than 800 years ago. In the year 2012, the von Bruners rebuilt the manor as a defensive structure. During this period of history, the Empire was politically weak, with many claimants vying for the Imperial throne.

It was not until 2304, when Magnus the Pious united the Empire following the Great War Against Chaos, that factional infighting between the provinces diminished and the forests were purged of raiders. Grunewald Lodge was now an ugly fortification where once there had been a comfortable hunting lodge. As consequence, the von Bruners neglected the building. During the last few centuries, it has become the inherited property of the lesser branch of the von Bruner bloodline and today is considered an inconsequential backwater.

The noble son Andreas von Bruner supposedly took over the estate a few decades ago, but mysteriously disappeared and was never heard from again.

With the lack of a proper owner, Magistrate Heisssman von Bruner granted Grunewald Lodge to Lord Rickard Aschaffenburg, a minor noble of Ubersreik, as part of the dowry for marrying his daughter, Ludmilla von Bruner.

After some investigation, it was found that some of the staff of Grunewald Lodge had been secretly plotting to summon a Chaos daemon, which they successfully accomplished. Now Grunewald Lodge lies in ruin, as the daemon and it’s summoners hold sway over the place.

Grunewald Lodge

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