“They say she walked with them, taught them to use a spear, showed them great art, learning, truth, honor…she sounds like an elf to me.”

(Symbols – The eagle; the spear and shield)

Myrmidia is the goddess of war and protector of soldiers. She is the daughter of Verena and Morr. Myrmidia stands for bravery and cunning, courage, honor, and martial virtue. She is the natural protector deity who guards the weak against the cruel and capricious.

While growing in popularity in the Empire, Myrmidia boasts a large number of followers in the southern lands of Tilea and Estalia, where worship of the warrior goddess is said to originate. Her foreign origins are not forgotten, but her faith has been accepted by the Empire as one of its own.

Worship of Myrmidia came to the Empire from the Knights of the Blazing Sun, who encountered Myrmidia in the Crusades against Araby. Since its establishment, the order has spread throughout the Empire to become one of the most prominent knightly orders.

In the Empire, of course, Sigmar and Ulric are the masters of war, and they roar for death and glory. Most soldiers mock Myrmidia as an “officer’s god,” with ideals too lofty for the common fighting man, and most generals prefer to shift their bias to Sigmar and Ulric. Myrmidia is also a foreign goddess and considered strange by many Empire folk. Thus her cult is small and relatively powerless. It survives in the Empire because of the distinction and courage with which her devotees fight. The saying goes that Sigmar takes you to war, but Myrmidia brings you back; her followers are renowned for their tactical acumen which have won the Empire many victories.

  • Act with honor and dignity at all times, even towards your enemy.
  • Observe all treaties and surrenders, and treat prisoners with respect.
  • Show no mercy to the enemies of humanity
  • Honor your commander and follow his orders, unless obedience would contradict another stricture.


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