“Ranald’s kept my neck in one piece, and kept my pockets full of brass and silver. Ain’t none of the other gods can say that.”

(Symbols – An “X”; crossed fingers; black cats)

Ranald is an official God of the Empire, but his Cult is unlike all the others, and to many it barely seems like a Cult at all. That is the nature of Ranald – to never be what he seems.

Some know Ranald as the god of Fate and Fortune, and pray to him whenever they take a chance or make a bet. Others know him as the Night Prowler, the patron of all thieves and rogues. Con men worship him as Ranald the Deceiver, the personification of not just trickery and illusion but the irony of all existence, where the weak rise and the good suffer. Yet he is also sometimes Ranald the Protector, he who undercuts tyrants and undermines oppression. For the law is just another shackle, and it was meant to be broken. Ranald demands it.

Most of his Priests are lawbreakers in some way. Many are actual thieves, others iconoclasts, and some just “honest” businessmen who tell their customers what they want to hear and keep plenty hidden away from the bailiff. Not all thieves follow Ranald, of course. Most street thugs find his strictures far too binding: Ranald prefers his followers to eschew violence in favor of stealth, use finesse over strength, and give some of their take to charity. The perfect crime is not the one with the biggest pay-off, but the one where the prize seems impossible to reach and the crime goes completely unnoticed.

The rejection of violence and petty crim also earns the cult many allies. The Shallyans respect Ranaldians for their pacifist ways and their devotion to charity, and most watchmen would prefer a dozen Ranaldians on his beat than a drunken thug or a murderous gangster. Ranald teaches what most already understand: a little bit of crime is always going to happen. So it might as well be his kind of crimes.

  • One coin in ten belongs to Ranald
  • Live by your wits, not your sword
  • It is better to live free than suffer oppression
  • Laws are meant to be broken
  • Don’t get caught


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