Reikwald Forest

“So I got tired of killing mountain goblins. Too easy. Wandered north to seek doom in the Reikwald. Now there’s a challenge. Plenty of monsters in them woods, big ones too. And ones that’ve never met a dwarf, so they don’t run away when they see me.”

Most of Reikland is covered by the Reikwald Forest. Tamed areas provide timber for the province’s boat builders, but most of the forest is tangled underwood, a haven for outlaws. Reiklanders rejoice when the Emperor declares war, because these brigands leave their haunts to march with his armies as mercenaries.

Intrepid Reiklanders have hacked out living space from the forest. Settlements huddle behind palisades shielding them from the horrors that stalk the woods. A man might leave his village and return a few weeks later to find it razed, its inhabitants missing.

Deep within the Reikwald, like grey islands in a sea of green, are the flinty Hagercrybs and Skaag Hills, home only to a few shepherds and their fierce dogs. The Hagercrybs are notable for their ancient tombs, remnants of a forgotten age when Unberogen tribesmen laid their chiefs to rest under mounds protected by guardian spirits. The lure of treasure tempts many would-be tomb robbers, but very few return.

Reikwald Forest

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