“Sigmar is the hammer, and I am his holy anvil. Woe to any caught between us!”

(Symbols – The warhammer; the twin-tailed comet)

Sigmar is the Empire, and the Empire is Sigmar. He founded the Empire and was its first ruler. After his death, he became a legendary, heroic fore bearer of his people, and became worshipped as a warrior god. Everything the Empire possesses is because of Sigmar. This is why the folk of the Empire are known as Sigmar’s People – the Sons of Sigmar – and the Emperor is the Heir of Sigmar regardless of his ancestry.

The followers of Sigmar are dedicated to proving themselves worthy of their god’s legacy and protect his holy Empire. Defense is the watchword of all Sigmarites: defence of the Empire, defense of its peoples, and defense of their minds, hearts, and souls. So watchful are they that they often seem paranoid or superstitious, always wary of Sigmar’s disapproval or looking for any sign of the handiwork of the Empire’s enemies. Chaos never sleeps, they say, so the Sigmarites never rest their vigil.

The favor of Sigmar allows his servants to better combat his enemies, calling down holy fire against greenskins, scourging the undead, and bringing his wrath against Chaos. He also grants hope and healing to his warriors, and this is Sigmar’s true gift to his people. He united them in the belief that they could be something more, in the hope that they could stand against the greenskin armies, and every day he gives hope anew to his followers, so that they can stand against the Empire’s legion of enemies. These foes are many, and the task of guarding Sigmar’s legacy is enormous, but his priests’ hopes spring eternal through their defiance and hatred of evil.

  • Obey your orders, for your superiors know better the will of Sigmar
  • Aid the dwarf folk, in honor of Sigmar’s alliance with them
  • Root out and destroy all enemies of the Empire: the greenskins, the undead, the daemons, the servants of Chaos, and those who use dark magic
  • Bear true allegiance to the Emperor
  • Work to protect the unity and continuing strength of the Empire, even at the cost of your own life and liberty


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