The Empire

“I’m proud to wear the Imperial eagle on my armor. We’re the greatest nation in the Old World! If he’s an Empire man born and bred, even the most stinking thief in my cells is twice the man of a perfumed Bretonnian or wheedling Tilean.”

The Empire is the largest and most powerful nation of the Old World. It is located east of Bretonnia, south of Kislev and north of Tilea. The current Emperor is Karl Franz, who was elected and crowned in 2502.

Provinces and Politics

The Empire is not a centralized nation, but rather a feudal confederacy of 11 large and semi-independent provinces, bound together by common interests, history, language, and culture.

The provinces are further subdivided into smaller minor counties, baronies, and leagues. Somewhat outside of the rule of the nobility are the semi-independent city-states.

Although the Emperor is both head of state of the Empire and commander-in-chief of its armies, the real power within the Empire is held by the 10 Elector Counts. The Emperor is largely the leader of the Elector Counts, who are extremely powerful and independent. His power is severely limited by the inability of enforcing his edicts within the semi-independent provinces, as the Elector Counts can effectively choose to largely ignore most of his edicts.

  • Averland
  • Hochland
  • Middenland
  • Nordland
  • Ostermark
  • Ostland
  • Reikland
  • Stirland
  • Talabecland
  • Wissenland
  • The Moot, (technically not a elector state)

Society and Culture

The overwhelming majority of the citizens of The Empire are human but Halflings, Dwarfs, Elves, and Ogres are present.


Nearly all deities of the Old World pantheon are openly worshiped and accepted. The Cult of Sigmar is the most important one. Other deities widely worshiped are Ulric, Taal and his wife Rhya, Shallya, Morr, and Ranald.


The Empire has the 8 Colleges of Magic which, in exchange of a suitable fee, teach and train powerful magicians. The colleges were founded by high elf Teclis at the request of Emperor Magnus the Pious. The magicians provide valuable magical support and protection for the armies of the Empire. Nevertheless the majority of the common people see magicians with more than a little amount of unease, fear, and suspicion.

Magic is illegal within the Empire without a writ of consent by the Colleges of Magic. Magic performed without approval is considered dangerous hedge magic and can be punishable by death.

The Empire

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