The Old World

The Old World is a large geographical area, whose people, mostly human, share to some degree a common heritage. It is located south of Norsca and north of Araby. The Worlds Edge Mountains form its eastern border.

Much of the land is an untamed wilderness, the forests giving way to large expanses of marsh and swamp in the lowlands, and heath and moorlands in the highlands.

The Old World has a temperate climate, although it varies over the wide expanse, from cool temperate in the northern coasts, to warm temperate in the western and southern coasts.

Among the major states of the Old World are The Empire, Bretonnia and Kislev. The kingdoms of Estalia and the city-states of Tilea are both often more involved in warring against themselves. The region of the Border Princes is a collection of petty kingdoms, with no single government.

The Old World is also home to a number of non-humans, such as the mountain-dwelling Dwarfs, and the Wood Elves living in the Forest of Loren.

The Old World

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