The World

The mountains wall the western nations, protecting them from badlands infested with orcs and goblins – murderous green-skinned fiends. In the frozen north, magical corruption bleeds from the icy wastes, malforming all it touches. This is the realm of Chaos, where insanity reigns and the doom of the world waits.

The south is swallowed by scorching sands – fragrant Araby, a land of silks and spices, borders a dead land whose embalmed kings rest uneasy in crumbling tombs.

Even further south is a lost world of unexplored jungle. Far to the east, across highlands ruled by ravenous brutes, across impenetrable deserts of salt, lie rumours of the legendary civilizations of Cathay, Nippon, and Ind.

Over the Great Ocean, far beyond the mysterious isle of Albion, the New World awaits discovery. Explorers brave the steaming jungles of Lustria, seeking temple-cities of gold guarded by lizards who walk and fight like men.

Naggaroth, the northern continent, is by contrast an expanse of needle-like peaks and gloomy fir forests. Rum-addled seafarers claim that devils cloaked in black sail Naggaroth’s coasts in fortresses borne by great seawyrms.

Surrounded by the ocean, like an ivory torc on a bed of glass, lies Ulthuan, island home of the high elves. Few men have seen its elegant white towers, for the high elves guard their realm jealously.

The World

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